History Of The Dalles Oregon

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Wascopam Mission

Wascopam Mission operated at The Dalles from 1838 to 1847. Founded by Henry K.W. Perkins and Daniel Lee (nephew of Jason Lee) on March 21, 1838.

Source: "Wascopam Mission" by Robert Boyd

Reverend Jason Lee (Missionary)

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Book "Ten Years In Oregon" By Dainel Lee and Joseph Frost

Reverend Alvan Waller

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Wascopam Mission was purchased by Marcus Whitman in 1847, and he sent his nephew Perrin to care for it. He had planned to move to the area, but was killed in the massacre.

Marcus Whitman

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Perrin Whitman

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Perrin Perringene Perrinfind

The Federal Government paid $24,000 for the land, the first post was named Fort Lee after Henry A.G. Lee in 1848

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In Fall 1849, U.S. Army Troops arrived, and was commanded by Major Tucker who built log buildings and was called Fort Drum. It became Fort Dalles on June 21, 1853. New Buildings were built to replace log buildings in 1856 through 1858.

Thomas Jordan

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George Wright (General)

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Louis Scholl Was the architect for the fort buildings.

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Nathan Hale Olney according to the writings of Lulu Crandall was one of the first settlers to The Dalles. He established a trading post in 1848.

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Justin Chenoweth or Chenowith

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John C. Bell built first house in The Dalles, as well as operated a sutlers store.


William Henry Williams Carpenter who helped build fort buildings.

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Benjamin Bonneville

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Frederic Homer Balch Wrote "Bridge Of The Gods" in 1850

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Edward Crate settled at Crate's Point in 1849.

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Victor Trevitt

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Joseph Meek was a trapper, and held political office in Portland Oregon

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Samuel Barlow

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Bishop Blanchet and Father Rosseau built the Catholic Mission


Nathaniel Coe was the first Postmaster in The Dalles


N.H. Gates

N.H. Gates incorporated "Dalles City", as it was then called June 26,1857




William Henry Williams


Roxa Sophia Shackelford Was one of the women who helped preserve the surgeon's Quarters, which became the Fort Dalles Museum


Mrs. Wentworth Lord was another woman who helped preserve the Surgeon's Quarters.

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Joseph G. Wilson, was the first judge of this district.

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J.K. Kelly, became the first Mayor of The Dalles, as well as U.S. Senator according to William McNeal. Kelly Avenue was named after him.

Jacob Fritz was the caretaker of Fort Dalles.

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